Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Gran Canaria Holidays- Enchanting Wonderland of Gran Canaria

Who wouldn't love to indulge in fun and amusements, those bountiful limitless attractions of nature in its prisitne beauty, those days of endless surfing, boating or trekking or exploring the countryside with its villages full of banana plantations. No other place is best suited for this kind of alfresco pleasures other than the canary islands. The Gran Canaria which is one of the four large islands, the others being Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuertenventura, and an assortment of smaller islets that comprise the entire archepelago is nature's outstanding and awesome gateway for human beings to escape the dialy chores and the drudgery of life. Located some 21d0 km from the northwest coast of Africa in the Atlantic ocean, the Gran Canaria are islands born out volcanic eruption from under the sea bed ages back and they ared home to some of the unique flora and fauna.
These islands officially belong to Spain and in spite of being a member of the European union, do not attract any durties and almost all items for hunman consumption is available in the several shopping complex at very cheap rates.

For a first time group it is advisable that they go for one of those conducted tours available at the travel offiices of any European capitals or Americas. It may be only a couple, a family, a group of friends, a few business associates, colleagues or a group of people belonging to a club who may like to undertake such a trip to this enchanting wonderland that is Gran Canaria. The package tour would essentially cover all the important places to visit, certain pleasures, accomodation, acquatic sports, shopping, trekking and other amusements. The packaged tour may be for a few days or few weeks and depends upon the persons and the type of package the travel office are ready to offer. However, in case the visitors to the islands wishes to go for a particular type of focussed tourism like an excurssion after a company group meeting, a visit mixing both business and pleasure, bird watching, aquatic sports tournaments or shopping for duty free items that are abundantly available.

The proximity of land to sea being limitless there are also limitless aquatic fun filled spots on the islands. There are so many beaches that it is really very difficult to visit all of them in the first visit as the canari islands and their islets are spread far and wide. Many of these beaches are tame and are filled with visitors during peak times while a few others are dangerous and it may not be proper for people especially children to wander into the waters all alone. Among the prominent beaches in the island of Gran Canaria are Anfi beach, Balito beach, Playa del Cura, Taurito, Mogan, Bahia de Santa Agueda. Most beaches are the remnants of vocanic lava and some have the fine grain sand like the carribean sand. For more information look at Gran canaria Holidays

A visitor or visitors to the Gran Canaria must try to book his ticket, acomodation in a hotel, villa, apartment, in advance and should plan the number of days he wishes to spend there. If he has planned to spend a week then he should buy the return ticket too before he leaves his own home place. he should carry extra clothing as he there is every likelihood of a person changing his cloths twice or thrice ina day due to warmer climates. While travelling around he should keep only that cash which he is in need for the day and must have traveller's cheques and credit cards. water should be consumed from the bottled mineral water while skpecial comfortable shoes are a must while trekking over mountains and forests. With these few prliminaries to think of he can have a happy time visiting Gran Canaria. Cheap Gran Canaria Holidays can easily be booked online.